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Concluding Thoughts

This journey has become quite more than I had expected. I set out to defend what I (still) believe to be a foundational and necessary doctrine for our Christian faith, but I had not accurately anticipated the depth of what a true defense would require, which is reserved still for the highest of scholarship and the most diligent of scholars and theologians. 

I have been a trinitarian since coming to faith when I was 18, but I never fully understood the doctrine until I was sitting through my introduction to the Bible classes in undergrad, but that is not to say that I didn’t learn anything through this journey. Like any topical defense, one must commit to diligent study, consideration, and honest representation. I can honestly say that I have learned and grown in my faith while spending time defending this doctrine. I know more today than I did a month ago when I set out on this journey, and I hope to continue to learn about this topic in the coming years. I have considered and would love to commit myself to an extensive, exhaustive work on the doctrine which I could one day publish in an effort to help the pronomian communities reconcile the need to hold fast to the doctrine of the Trinity and not toss it on the wayside as something unnecessary or damaging to our understanding of God.

I thank you for joining me in this journey and it is my honest prayer that God has used and will continue to use this defense to help strengthen, guide, and teach fellow believers about him.

– Joshua Ensley

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