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My name is Joshua and I am a husband, father, pastor, author, and teacher. My hope with my website is to provide quality, conservative scholarship to enrich your Christian life.

You can also find my church’s website where I pastor here.

What is Pronomian?

Pronomian Christianity is a movement within the Church which affirms the ongoing validity and applicability of the Torah (ie. The Law of Moses) for Christian life and piety. Pronomian Christians are Christians who affirm orthodox Christian doctrines while also affirming the validity of the commandments contained within the Torah that many Catholics and Protestants deny or view as outdated.

Efforts within Pronomian Christianity led to the creation of the First Pronomian Statement. Click below to read the statement and consider signing it alongside other Pronomians.

A explanation of my personal beliefs as a Reformed Pronomian is articulated in the Reformed Pronomian Confession of Faith.

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Some Featured Sermons

Here are some featured sermons from Logos Church where I pastor.

1 John 5:18-21

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