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Why You Should Sign the Rock Hill Statement

The Rock Hill Statement is a statement of faith drafted and published by a group of Pronomian Christians in an attempt to officially codify what Pronomian Christians believe. This is important because it distinguishes Pronomian Christians & Pronomian Christianity from Messianic Judaism and the Hebrew Roots Movement. The distinguishing from these two groups is helpful for those curious about Pronomian Christianity because sometimes all three of these groups are incorrectly blended together in the eyes of skeptics as “judaizers” or all under the name “Hebrew Roots”.

The Rock Hill Statement contains ten (10) articles of belief and is structured similar to the Nashville Statement with each article containing one affirmation and one denial concerning the topic of the article. The ten articles in question cover the following topics:

  1. The Canon of Scripture
  2. The Nature of God
  3. The Messiah
  4. Mankind
  5. Salvation
  6. Commandments
  7. The Sabbath
  8. The Church
  9. Marriage
  10. Names

Though Messianic Jews and those in the Hebrew Roots Movement will have positions on these topics, the lack of a formal statement from these two groups causes people not to be able to know if the building they are entering for church service will be teaching heretical doctrines. At least with a statement such as this, visitors to any Pronomian Christian church will know that the leaders of that church align to the articles of the Rock Hill Statement. 

Too many times I have heard someone tell me that they visited a Hebrew Roots fellowship only to find out halfway through that the pastor believed and taught that Jesus was not God. That heresy will not be found in Pronomian Christian churches because those churches will have aligned with Article II & III of the Rock Hill Statement and the leaders of the churches will be in network with each other as accountability partners.

I, therefore, highly encourage you to visit the Rock Hill Statement website and read through the ten articles. If you affirm all ten of the articles, signing the statement is your next step towards helping us grow our movement and subsequent network of Pronomian Christians as we seek to establish Pronomian Christianity as an independent, legitimate camp of Christendom.

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