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A Pronomian church elder of a Pronomian Christian church teaching from a pulpit, cinematic photography - Pronomian Christianity
Christian Community

The Biblical Model of Church Leadership

An in-depth scriptural analysis of church leadership, the true meaning of Christian freedom, and the critical need for unity within the church. This comprehensive exploration offers insights into the relationship between pastors and congregations, emphasizing respect, submission, and communal harmony.

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an ancient mesopotamian army riding into battle with swords on a desert battlefield, Israel battle, psalm 2
Christian Living

Rediscovering the Psalms: A Call to Robust Worship

The Psalms, revered as the songbook of the early church, encompass a vast array of human emotions. This post explores why including Psalms in modern worship can awaken a spirit of courage and conviction, reflecting God’s sovereignty, justice, and love.

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a group of friends standing outside of an old fashioned church building smiling and wearing conservative clothing and hairstyles
Christian Community

Making Friends in a New Church

Making new friends at church is a blend of embracing opportunities, engaging with genuine interest, and encouraging others. This guide is rooted in biblical principles, emphasizing the importance of solid doctrine and Christian community.

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Pronomian Christianity
Christian Ethics

What Is Pronomian Christianity?

Pronomian Christianity asserts the ongoing validity of the Torah alongside the full authority of the Old and New Testaments, offering a biblical perspective on biblical law. This movement emphasizes the moral weight of every commandment, rooted in God’s unchanging nature, and recognizes the transformative role of the New Covenant. It upholds that the Law, internalized by the Holy Spirit, guides believers in a life pleasing to God, not as a means of salvation, but as an expression of a life transformed by grace and the lordship of Jesus Christ.

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