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an image that depicts a journey from a seed to a fruit-bearing plant. Start with a small seed in the foreground. This seed is breaking open with a tiny sprout emerging from it, signifying faith taking root. The sprout grows into a mature plant, demonstrating the good works springing from faith. This plant is in rich, fertile soil and is being nourished by droplets of water, which represent God's grace. The shining sun at the top of the image provides light and warmth, illustrating God’s presence.
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Faith and Works: Harmonizing the Biblical Teaching

Faith and works – are they contradictory or complementary in our spiritual journey? Explore the profound harmony between these two in our latest blog post. We delve into Scripture, examining Paul’s emphasis on faith and James’s insistence on works, and discover that these teachings are two sides of the same divine coin. Realize how God-given faith inevitably results in good works, not as a means to earn salvation, but as an authentic demonstration of a transformed heart.

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