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Christians Are Not Under the Law - Under the Law - moses with ten commandments
Christian Living

Christians Are Not Under the Law – but what does that mean?

Explore the nuanced interpretation of Christians’ relationship with God’s Law. This post delves into the common misconceptions surrounding the idea that believers are ‘not under the Law.’ We unravel the implications on sin, moral consistency, and the enduring nature of God’s commandments, challenging traditional views and advocating for a deeper understanding of scriptural teachings. Discover how a reexamined perspective on the Law can enrich the Christian faith, ensuring alignment with the Bible’s universal moral standards and promoting a consistent, transformative spiritual journey.

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A man with disdain for the Torah because he thinks that not being under the law means we do not have to obey the Old Testament Law, antinomianism, pronomianism, pronomian
Christian Ethics

What “Under the Law” Doesn’t Mean

Delve into a critical examination of the traditional interpretation of ‘not under the Law’ in Christianity. This blog post challenges conventional views, exploring its impact on sin, moral standards, and the continuity of Biblical teachings.

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Christian Apologetics

God as the Necessary Grounding for Reality

In a world filled with doubts and questions, the existence of God stands as an unshakable foundation. Delve into the logical and moral necessities that not only affirm God’s existence but also reveal Him as the very grounding of all reality.

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