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Are Modern Evangelism Methods Biblical?

Journey through Acts 2 with Peter’s compelling sermon, uncovering the essence of biblical evangelism. Discover how true evangelism calls for a transformative response to Christ’s lordship.

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Christian Apologetics

Harmony in Creation: A Lesson from The Silmarillion

In our journey through ‘The Silmarillion’s’ opening chapter, we discover a grand narrative of creation, fall, and redemption that resonates with the Gospel. This post explores the similarities between Eru Ilúvatar’s creation and God’s creation, Melkor’s rebellion and humanity’s sin, and Ilúvatar’s grand plan and God’s sovereign plan of redemption.

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Using Minecraft to Teach the Gospel to Your Children

Teaching our children about the Gospel in a digital age can be a challenge. But what if we could use the games they love to illustrate the Christian faith? This article explores how Minecraft, a popular world-building game, can be used as a teaching tool, paralleling game elements like survival, shelter-building, community, and restoration with biblical concepts and principles.

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Christian Apologetics

Beware the Wolves: Navigating the Threat of False Teachers

In a world ripe with information, discerning God’s truth from falsehood is vital. This post explores the biblical warnings about false teachers, their characteristics, and how to guard ourselves against their influence. Guided by Scripture, we can equip ourselves with the tools necessary to discern truth from distortion, holding steadfast to the true Gospel message.

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