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a Bible opened to a significant passage on a wooden table. There is dim ambient lighting illuminating the text and casting shadows on the pages. Around the Bible are antiquities like a quill and inkwell, a pair of spectacles, and an ancient map. In the background, there is a large weathered window with light streaming through, casting a warm glow on the scene. The view from the window shows a dramatic landscape, possibly a stormy sky or a rising sun. The emphasis is on the dramatic and enduring nature of God's Word. sharp focus, no contrast, cinematic photography,
Christian Apologetics

Inerrancy: The Immutable Truth of God’s Word

Despite the tests of time, societal shifts, and changing ideologies, the Word of God endures as the ultimate source of truth. This inerrancy, this freedom from error or untruth, stands as a testament to the divine authority of Scripture. Like a lighthouse unshaken by the turbulent waves, the Bible remains steadfast, guiding us through the complexities of life with its unchanging wisdom.

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