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A man with disdain for the Torah because he thinks that not being under the law means we do not have to obey the Old Testament Law, antinomianism, pronomianism, pronomian
Christian Ethics

What “Under the Law” Doesn’t Mean

Delve into a critical examination of the traditional interpretation of ‘not under the Law’ in Christianity. This blog post challenges conventional views, exploring its impact on sin, moral standards, and the continuity of Biblical teachings.

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Christian Apologetics

The Sanctity of Life: A Strong Biblical Condemnation of Abortion

In a world where abortion is increasingly normalized, Christians must uphold the sanctity of life, offering the transformative grace and forgiveness of Christ to those who repent. Through the Gospel, there is hope for redemption and healing for everyone who would repent and turn to Jesus, regardless of their past.

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Pronomian Christianity
Christian Ethics

What Is Pronomian Christianity?

Pronomian Christianity asserts the ongoing validity of the Torah alongside the full authority of the Old and New Testaments, offering a biblical perspective on biblical law. This movement emphasizes the moral weight of every commandment, rooted in God’s unchanging nature, and recognizes the transformative role of the New Covenant. It upholds that the Law, internalized by the Holy Spirit, guides believers in a life pleasing to God, not as a means of salvation, but as an expression of a life transformed by grace and the lordship of Jesus Christ.

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