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5 Things I’ve Learned as a New Father: A Pronomian Perspective

1. The Depth of God’s Fatherly Love
Holding my son for the first time, I was washed over by a profound love, a feeling both overwhelming and awe-inspiring. This experience brought clarity to the love our Heavenly Father feels for us. Just as I desire the best for my child, our Father in Heaven has set laws and guidelines not as burdens, but out of deep love and concern for our well-being. Every commandment and every law in Scripture echoes this divine care and passion for our lives.

2. The Importance of Boundaries
In trying to create a safe environment for my son, I’ve recognized the importance of boundaries. Whether it’s childproofing the house or setting feeding and sleeping schedules, these boundaries are vital for his growth and protection. Similarly, God’s laws in the Bible serve as boundaries, designed to protect, guide, and lead us to abundant life. They’re not restrictions but pathways to true freedom.

3. The Joy of Teaching and Guiding
One of the genuine pleasures of fatherhood is witnessing those ‘firsts’ — the first smile, the first word, the first attempt to crawl. As my son grows, I realize my role in teaching and guiding him through life. In a similar vein, God uses His law to teach and guide us. Through the Scriptures, we learn about righteousness, justice, love, and grace. Every law is a lesson in understanding God’s character and His design for humanity.

4. The Need for Grace
As much as I strive for perfection in parenting, there are moments of exhaustion, impatience, and doubt. These instances remind me of my need for grace, both from God and from my son. In our spiritual journey, the law exposes our imperfections, making us aware of our transgressions. But it also points us to the cross, where grace abounds and where we find redemption and forgiveness.

5. The Legacy of Faith
Becoming a father has made me introspective about the legacy I want to leave for my son. It’s my earnest prayer and endeavor to instill in him a love for God’s word and a deep respect for His commandments. The Pronomian perspective emphasizes the importance of living out God’s laws, not just for our sake but for the generations to come. It’s a legacy of faith, love, and obedience.

Fatherhood, in its essence, mirrors the relationship we share with our Heavenly Father. Through every diaper changed, every lullaby sung, and every gentle cradle, I’m reminded of God’s tender love, His guiding laws, and the grace He bestows upon us daily. This journey has been an illuminating reflection of God’s character and His desires for humanity.


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